Advantages and Disadvantages of different types of Starter Batteries (SLI / EFB / AGM)

SLI battery



Reliable starting power Limited ability to power multiple accessory
Acceptable charge acceptance Limited cycling capability
Compatible for all climates Shorter life compared to new technologies
Right price

EFB battery



Longer life than SLI batteries Higher price than SLI batteries
Two times better cycling capability

Improved vibration resistance

Withstands higher electrical loads

Better charge acceptance

Resistance to Deep discharge

Suitable for start-stop applications

AGM battery



Up to twice longer life than SLI batteries Higher price than SLI & EFB batteries
Three times better cycling capability

High resistance to vibration

Withstands high electrical loads

High charge acceptance

No acid loss and leakage

Designed for harsh conditions

Ideal for start-stop applications

6 thoughts on “What are advantages and disadvantages of different type of car batteries?

    • Admin says:

      SMF series are SLI type. This type has a variety of applications as a starter battery, but not recommended for Start-Stop engines.
      We are really appreciated. please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

        • Admin says:

          Dear Bashar,
          Wish you happy new year. Routine International or Regional standards for testing SLI battery (Such as IEC 60095-1) or Automobile manufacturer’s standards (such as PSA B25 5210), Emphasis on 25% DOD endurance (when 25% of battery capacity is discharged). Ambient temperature in these tests, usually vary from 25 to 40 Degrees Celsius. However, our conventional batteries (SLI) are capable to pass >192 cycles.
          We very appreciate you as a punctilious user.
          Please be in touch, for any further information.

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