Electrically, the battery is intended to supply and generate:

  • The power required for cold cranking
  • The power/energy required when the alternator is not able to supply the consumer needs
  • The energy required by consumers during non-rotating engine phases (engine off)
  • The voltage thresholds to guaranty the quality of the 12V board net

Starter Battery on vehicle

Thermally, the car battery shall allow the vehicles’ engine to be started. The battery should cover a temperature range between -30°C and +75°C.

Three vehicle situations can be considered:

  • Vehicle in the roadway: maximum temperature in the range [50 – 55°C]
  • Vehicle in the city (high traffic): maximum temperature in the range [60 – 65°C]
  • Vehicle in severe usage (e.g., mountain driving) or key off: maximum temperature being 75°C (time-limited to 20 minutes)

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